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All About "STATEMENT"Virgin Hair

I make sure to provide all of my customers with the best virgin hair. I would never sell anything that I personally wouldn’t be pleased with. Our hair is Soft, Full, and Bouncy. I am sure that you will love “STATEMENT” Virgin hair as much as I love it.

We provide Brazilian and Peruvian Virgin hair in Grades 4A or higher. We cannot guarantee that all bundles will be the same color because all donors don’t have the same color hair. Our hair comes in either Natural off black (color 1b) or Natural browns (colors 2-4).

All hair ranges from 8-30 inches in length. This hair can be dyed, straightened and re-curled with water and hand scrunching; treat it like your own hair after all it is virgin.

When purchasing virgin hair for doing a full head of hair you will need

2bundles of hair for 8-14inches

3bundles of hair for 14-20inches

4bundles of hair for 22-30 inches

*If you like your hair very full; I suggest getting one more bundle of hair especially in the straight texture

Virgin hair will last you from 1-5 years; if properly cared for. I suggest sealing the wefts of the hair. Rotating every 2-3 weeks between washing then deep conditioning, and Co-washing; which is washing the hair in only conditioner. Avoid putting excessive heat on your hair by letting the hair air dry and using flexi rods and rollers when styling you hair.

This hair is very low maintenance. If the hair feels a little dry or you need more shine use a dime sized amount of Argon oil. When styling curly and wavy hair all you need is a spray bottle with 2 parts water and one part conditioner (adding argon oil is optional) detangle with a wide tooth comb and style as desired.



Wash, deep condition and co wash every 2-3 weeks

Air-dry the hair

Use a small amount of Argon oil when needed

Seal you wefts when needed

Use a wide tooth comb and comb through once a day.

Make sure to use moisturizing conditioners on the hair.



Wait and wash your hair every 2-3 months

Use a blow dryer every time you wash your hair

Spray with oil sheen

Use a lot of product on this hair especially products with Alcohol in them.

Not seal you wefts if you plan on keeping this hair longer than a year.

Use a fine tooth comb especially on curly/ wavy hair.


****If you have any other questions please contact me  at or if you need an immediate reply Instagram DM me message @Boldstatementb or message me on Facebook under Boldstatementboutique.***


~Be Bold, Make a Statement.